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Monday, April 03, 2006


Joe Pitts (R) PA 16TH

Please note: This is has not been fact checked. That said, if anyone knows anything about Joe Pitts (R) PA 16th, you know that this exchange in an Eschaton thread is totally believable.

Q: Joe Lieberman say anything stupid yet today?

A:Don't know about Joe Lieberman saying something stupid, but my local PA state representative Joe Pitts did. He went to my daughter's high school class today and told them that a common abortion procedure ("murder" as he called it) was to slit the woman's belly open, stab the fetus in the head and let it bleed to death.

Q: This is so disturbing. How old is your daughter? Was it a school-wide assembly?

A: She's 18. Old enough, and gutsy enough, to pepper him with a few questions. But most of the other kids in the class said "Oh, how HORRIBLE!"

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