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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Jesus' General on Immigration

UPDATE: Guess how that great "moderate" Mike Castle voted on the immigration bill?

If you said that he voted FOR MAKING IT A FELONY TO GIVE AN IMMIGRANT A CUP OF SOUP, you'd be right. How "modetrate" is that?
Here is the smoking gun.

Wearing cammies to make himself invisible, Jesus' General infiltrated an immigrant anti-persecution march in Yakima, where he saw a lot of openly latino people.

...and that scares the hell out of this patriot. It makes me wonder if immigrants are as hated as the media tells us they are. Could it be that people are putting a face to their cheap produce; their inexpensive restaurant fare; their low construction labor costs? Will it eventually lead to the ending of the exploitation of foreign workers? And if that happens, what next? Will people start thinking about the Chinese prisoners slaving away in prison camps to bring us Wal-Mart's low prices.

Immigration is a difficult issue. The owners in Our Leader's ownership society need a workforce they can exploit beyond the limits allowed by law. Undocumented aliens fill that role, because, being undocumented, they cannot complain about being victimized. Now, we've come to a point where the demand for an exploitable workforce has become so great, it's hard to hide all of the brown faces we're bringing into fill it.

That scares the hell out of the rest of us white people, and when we get scared we demand that our government bomb someone. The House of Representatives, being the body that most closely represents white people, did just that in their immigration bill by making it a felony to assist undocumented aliens.

The Senate, being the more rational body, is looking at a different bill, one that focuses more on allaying the fears of the owners, the only group of people who really matter in Our Leader's America. There bill will create an underclass of workers who can be legally victimized. The owners hope that such guestworkers will overfill the demand for labor and thus allow for a weakening of labor protections generally.

The more traitorous among us might suggest that there is a third way. They'd say reward those who've toiled here so long by giving them citizenship, and then pass a law leveling harsh penalties against those who hire undocumented aliens in the future. Of course, this third way does nothing to either calm our fear of brown people or provide our owners with cheap, exploitable labor, so such a solution won't be discussed in the media or the halls of government.

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