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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Jack Markell excoriates, attacks, berates, and beats up Mike Castle…

…if you read between the lines.

It is too much to hope that a member of Delaware’s incumbent party would openly attack another member of the incumbent party. However, if you read between the lines of this Delaware State News story, and you know about Michael Castle’s unethical support for the President’s budget – you can tell Markell is taking Castle to the woodshed.

No morals in government? Treasurer urges political leaders to follow beliefs

By Joe Rogalsky, Delaware State News
DOVER — Elected officials should do more than give lip service to their moral and religious beliefs when making public policy decisions, state Treasurer Jack A. Markell told an audience Tuesday during a talk at Christ Episcopal Church.

Mr. Markell’s speech, entitled “Budget as Moral Documents,” was the first of four Brown-Bag Theology events that will continue through June at Christ Church.

In Congress, he said, members like to take stands, such as passing a toothless resolution supporting Christmas symbols, though they also vote to cut funds for a variety of social programs to help the poor.

It's about time someone started beating up Castle. When is Spivack going to start running?
Give me a fucking break. Markell? A guy who's never had to make a tough decision in his public life, who's never had a tough opponent, who's in the most cake office in Delaware, criticizing? Good. I need a reason to not like him before 2008. I hope he does more of this.
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