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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I sure hope this is not happening to Spivack

David Siorta takes on "The Consultant Red Herring" and makes a good case that "consultants" are not the cancer on the Democratic party that they are made out to be. However, here is the money:

Let's be clear - Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong's new book Crashing the Gate is far more astute on this subject than Klein or other Washington pundits/operatives who are so afraid of being knocked off politicians' Christmas Card lists that they are trying to blame the Democratic Party's demise purely on the faceless, nameless consultant effigy - instead of on the often confused, soulless politicians who hire and listen to them.

While most in the media have simply said their book bashes consultants, Crashing the Gate touches on the one area of the consultant class that, I will admit, really is damaging to Democrats: not consultants' out of touch elitism or their idiocy (that, after all, is everywhere in politics), but the system designed to force new, first-time, or lower-tier candidates to hire and follow orders from consultants without question. Yes, that's right: the Democratic Party in Washington and in various urban power centers very brazenly demand that candidates submit to the consultant stranglehold - or face real consequences in the form of choked off campaign resources.

Scary. And who knew? It makes me worry that the direct, gutsy candidate I met in the winter is going to be a neutered "play it safe" pansy this spring.

I guess time will tell.

<---One guy who's "Crashing The Gate."

Think my advice will be to play it safe?
Like I said, I hope not. This is from my first post on Dennis, 12/05

I went to the PDD meeting last night thinking that Castle (a cog in a corrupt Republican political machine) is beatable. I left knowing that Dennis Spivack is the man who is going to beat him.

Two minutes into his introduction I knew that Dennis Spivack had the guts, the brains, and the heart to take the fight to Castle.

Posts like this one make me crazy...if the DEMs are so fucking brilliant, why the hell did they run play-it-safe-play-it-stupid in 2004 (2000 too?)??

Do we need to control campaign funds - completely publicly funded and non-partisan - to get out from under this dumb-as-dirt approach?
Hey, I think I saw Dennis' picture on my milk carton this morning! Where is he? Why isn't he making more news? What is his campaign doing? He is not going to beat Castle by being quiet. I'm going to have a choice this year - stay in Delaware and work for Dennis or go to PA and work against Santorum. Dennis hasn't done much to give me much confidence in his campaign.
I realize it's appealing to work against Santorum, as he's certainly a scummy individual. And I can certainly relate to your sense of urgency regarding the campaign. But keep in mind, it's April. News organizations aren't calling up candidates every day 7 months out from the election to get their intimate thoughts on every current topic. And if you'd like to know what Dennis is doing, consult his site:

--Andrew S.
Good points.

This exchange is what blogging is all about. Keep up the good work Andrew.
OK, I looked at his site again - glad to see you have a schedule of events up and have taken down the awful fuzzy homepage text graphic. However, the site is still very poorly done. The fonts are way way too small (very difficult to read). There is no reason for this as the space on the site is mostly empty. Also, while I can appreciate the "creativity" of orange and blue, I'd suggest you consider red white and blue color scheme instead with a few flags or other graphics on the site. He is not running as a cheerleader for UD, after all.

Finally, why no comment section in the blog? Building community is what blogs are about.
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