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Friday, April 14, 2006


Fighting Dem in DE

Dennis Spivack gets some Kos love.

The Kos community got introduced to Spivack in this excellent post, complete with an Act Blue fundraising link.

Time to shine a little spotlight on a Fighting Dem who's got an uphill battle ahead of him - Dennis Spivack. He's running against 7 term incumbent Mike Castle, a very popular former governor (2 terms) who is also the president of the Main Street Republican Partnership, the nearly-toothless coalition of GOP moderates.

Every ounce of conventional wisdom suggests that Castle's seat is as safe as can be - so what's to stop him from passing his campaign cash on to fellow so-called moderates like Curt Weldon and Jim Gerlach? This is why we need to show Spivack a little love, so he can force Castle to spend his cash locally to defend his seat

Read the whole thing.

Hi Jason - I just found your blog from a link on Spivack's page. I wrote the post on the Kos about Spivack. I hadn't heard anything about who was opposing Castle, so I did some digging and I liked what I saw. I read the Kos just about daily, but haven't seen anything on Spivack - I figured it would be a great opportunity to raise his profile and some money for his campaign at the same time. Anyway, great blog - glad I found another resource to read up on the politics of my new home state (since 02/2005).
Welcome X!

I'm looking forward to your comments.

I read Kos (of course) but browser issues prevent me from posting diaries or commenting.

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