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Friday, April 14, 2006


Delawareliberal in the news

Hube clued me into this Dover Post story (?) about Delaware's bloggy goodness by Diccon Hyatt.

Funniest line: Delaforum: This is the place where retirees from Claymont go to insult each other.

Biggest Outrage: Delawareliberal: "Reliably toes the Democrat (sic) line."

Mr. Hyatt already knows to expect 12-page-4-sentence-un-proofread-ALL-CAPS-exclaimation-point-abusing-screed in his mailbox. First of all, it is "Democratic", but don't worry. Gov. Minner makes that same mistake every time she speaks. Also, "Reliably" ...I have never been called reliable in my life.

You're right -that's inaccurate. The Democrats don't really have a line that anyone can reliably toe. I look forward to your all caps letter.
I think "A unapologetic partisan Democrat" would have worked.

Tell Celia I said "Hi" if you see her.
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