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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The Contract on Republicans

Al Franken: Republicans say Democrats don't have a plan. This is something I disagree with, we do have a plan, we haven't laid it out in a formal way, but everybody knows what we stand for and I'm laying it out, and I keep repeating this. We have 200-some days until the election and I don't think it's a bad idea to just keep repeating what our plan is. I call it a "Contract on Republicans". (Although, they'll benefit from it.)

One: Universal Health Care. And on the first day we're in, immediately day one, insure all kids, it's just right. Medicare for kids.

Secondly, restore fiscal sanity, start by repealing the tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, and on them only. We are at war, ladies and gentlemen, and never in the history of this country until George W. Bush, have had tax cuts during a time of war.

Number three: corruption. Restore honor and integrity to government. No outing CIA agents. Clean up congress. Real lobbying reform. Clean elections, meaning public financing of federal elections. We will save so much money. The American taxpayer will save billions and billions.

Four: Education. Really leave no child behind. This means more resources for teachers. More teacher training. And understand that kids in poor areas, the kids that are left behind, need more resources, not less resources. So, let's dedicate the general tax funds to education, and not rely on property taxes, because the kids who need it the most live in areas that have low tax bases. Let's not kid ourselves about it. Let's suck it up and really leave no child behind, how about that?

Number five, Science. Still back to science. Article today in the NY Times about the molecular complexities in evolution. Evolution is science. Creationism isn't. Global warming, we know it's happening, the only climate scientists who disagree with it that are biostatutes, paid for by the oil companies. We know that.

What does that mean? Research. Research into renewable energy, an Apollo program into renewable energy, folks. And conservation, we're going to have the mayor of this fair city on in just a few moments and he will be telling us that this Chapel Hill has signed on to the Kyoto Accords, that's right. And Mayor Foy will tell us what we know, and it is that, NOT signing on to the Kyoto agreement, is going to damage our economy, damage our world. The dumbest thing this President says, and that is a high, high bar, is that signing on to the Kyoto Accords would ruin our economy. The opposite is true. Over 200 cities have signed on to it. They're finding, first, they're spending less money on energy, duh. They're finding that they're creating new jobs in conservation, in energy efficiency, in renewable energy. That's the future. I can go on and on and I will do it every damn day.

Speaking of science, stem cell research. Let's not throw out 400,000 frozen embryos. Let's not toss them in the garbage. These are 12 cells. Let's do adult stem cell research, too. But how many people in this country have a family member who same some sort of disease, or malady, that can be helped by, that stem cell research holds some hope for. Let's tell them that we're on their side.

Six: Real National Security. Real Port Security. Secure loose nukes in the (former) Soviet Union. Why Aren't We Doing That.? And how about this? Work with our Allies in the fight against Global Terrorism.

Seven: Stop the Lying. Tell the American people the truth, especially before leading us into a war.

Eight: Fair trade. When we make trade agreements, let's have environmental standards and let's have labor standards, so that we're not exploiting working people around the world, and we're not hurting our American workers here in the United States.

Nine: And speaking of our workers, let's make sure that our pensions are secure. Let's be on the side of workers and not on the side of corporations.

Ten: A Dark Chocolate Almond Joy. And that'll get us the 500 votes in Florida that we need.

Please, please, please, please, please please, please, please run nationally on this. Please?
No you are just objecting to object. What could you possibly have a problem with in what Franken wrote?
Mmm, dark chocolate Almond Joy! It's almost worth voting Socialist.
Syntax worse breaking down more than is usual. Failing Turing test, Jason is.
Okay. #1 and #2 are not compatible. You really want fiscal sanity: Fix Social Security and Medicare. You remember those? Remember the Dems standing and cheering during the SOTU to celebrate the fact that they stood in the way of reform without offering a plan of their own? Yeah, those. Fix those first.
#3 - The party of Rostenkowski, Wright, Mollohan and Jefferson is going to do what exactly?
#4 - We don't need more money. There has never been more money spent on education than right now. We need a whole new system, with more choices for students. The NEA's answer is always more money. Weak.

I'd say that's enough for now.
Remember the Dems standing and cheering during the SOTU to celebrate the fact that they stood in the way of reform without offering a plan of their own?

In the currently building climate, I think Democrats will do very will campaigning on their successful effort to stop Bush and his cronies from looting the Social Security trust fund and handing over huge chunks of money and management fees to Wall Street bankers. Attempting to pass that attempted robbery off as "reform" is laughable.

I wish the Democrats had also successfully stood in the way of the similarly larcenous Medicare Part D and the bankruptcy repeal.
Standing in the way without offering an alternative is the best way to remain in the minority. See CA-50 turnout if you don't get my drift.

Keep up the good work!
Standing in the way without offering an alternative...

The alternative to doing something stupid is to not do something stupid.
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