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Friday, April 14, 2006


Celia Cohen Gives Ting an 861 Word French Kiss in Order to Benefit Tom Carper

Just forget the fact that apologizing for being AGAINST the Viet Nam war is idiotic. Forget the fact that the only person who cares that Jan Ting was AGAINST the Viet Nam war when he was in college 40 years ago is Mike Protack. Just forget about all of that for a second, and ask yourself - why does Celia Cohen feel it is necessary to track down and interview Oberlin falculty and devote 861 words to keeping this non-issue alive?

The answer is that Cohen is contrasting Ting and Carper in order to make Carper look good. (As if he needs the help)

Here is the money, in the form of a typical Cohen aside:

Carper, who was in college at about the same time and place as Ting at Ohio State University, Class of 1968, was in the Navy during the Vietnam War after going to school on an ROTC scholarship,

This, my friends, is what is so wrong with Cohen. She is the absolute tool and mouthpiece of the Delaware political establishment. There was absolutely no reason to write about Ting's Viet Nam protest days again, other than to curry favor with Carper.

As a guy who sticks to the Democratic line - even I have to say that this is disgusting.

To read the Cohen hackery click here.

I hope she does as in-depth a story when it's time to talk about Tom Carper and deregulation. Because if anyone is primarily responsible, it is Tom Carper.
Don't hold your breath. That would be like doing a story on Castle's late night/narrow margin votes. It aint happening.
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