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Monday, April 24, 2006


Buckley deserves nod for seat on Red Clay School Board

I don't usually endorse candidates in school board elections but when someone of Jack Buckley's caliber is willing to serve on the Red Clay School Board, I feel compelled to publicly support him.

Jack Buckley is not the "anointed" candidate for the seat. That distinction belongs to one of the governor's staffers. This means that Jack would not be a rubber stamp for the administration or school board on such issues as raising our taxes without a referendum.

He would be an independent, no-nonsense, no-shenanigans member of the board. He believes, as I do, that government ought to conduct its business in public (not behind closed doors prior to the "public" meetings) and that board members work for the people, not the administration.

If you're sick and tired of the way the Red Clay School Board conducts its business, please join me on Tuesday, May 9 in voting for Jack Buckley.

Sen. Karen Peterson, Wilmington

Guest blogging by way of the News Journal Editorial page.

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