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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Breaking: Leading Member of the "Demarva Power Conflict Caucus" to Retire

Does this signal that the "conflict of interest caucus" is feeling the heat?

DOVER – Veteran legislator and Bond Bill Committee power Rep. Roger P. Roy announced today that he will not seek re-election to the seat he has held for 30 years.

Roy’s announcement stunned his colleagues, who clearly had not expected it.

Sherwood Park Democrat Rep. Robert F. Gilligan, the longest-serving member of the House, was so emotional that he could not join in the accolades to Roy and fled to his office.

Roy, a Limestone Hills Republican, said his three decades in the Legislature took him away from his family and that it is time to retire.

The News Journal

This is why every race needs to be contested.
Was Korn about to announce, and Roy didn't want to get his butt kicked?

Pending indictment?

Is it too late for Ramone to slide over to Roy's race?

Oh well, I'm just guessing, probably everybody knows about it except me.
The question is: will Harris McDowell join him?
Roy was most definately going to get kicked out the door butt first.

He led de-reg, Deldot fiasco, selling a DE toll road, double dipping with the TMA (salary in the 90,000's annum). He was in on the set up the building of "the highway to the beach" (Route 1) which turned out to serve the opening of the bedroom community (of Dover and Wilmington, hell even Philly) mid-state.

A solid 43% of DelDOT's "broke" Transportation Trust Fund is Route 1 debt - not too many people know that gem.

His wife takes in a state salary and Roy (the great producer of bills snuck into 100 pages of epilogue language passed by the legis after mid-night on the last day of session) legalized the new, swift, efficient Transportation Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) that gives DelDOT and developers the right to sanction 100's of millions of our tax money towards huge construction projects....think Nathan Hayward, Pam Scott and Jay Sonecha and the City of Bayberry 1994 TIA with no public oversight, no WILMAPCO coordination etc..

Roger, we the people of Delaware will not miss you.
You were in on the tax payer subsidy of the infrastructure of the growth that came of Route 1 and that includes road, sewer and power grid.

Delmarva has recently completed a 90 mile power service line up the middle of the state to serve the new growth....anyone's guess how many bucks we contributed to that.

Lots of other pols will be listed as "accomplices" including Carper.
what a pansy (keeping the language clean for the kiddies). he didnt want a race so he ducked out. just like delay: gets the sniff of a fight and dives out.
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Nancy -

If Celia Cohen knew and reported on fifth of the stuff you just laid down, I would have to stop beating up on her so much.
Didn't Roger Roy give us beer on Sunday? I heard that on Jensen's show today. It's almost worth forgiving him...nope, he was a scumbag. Happy Easter, Jason, enjoy this big whopping chocolate egg!
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