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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


April By the Numbers

Days `til Census Day in Canada: 27
Days 'til "Mission Accomplished Day": 13
Percent of April that's over: 63%
Number of Americans who use the internet daily to get their news: 50 million
Proportion of brides-to-be who expect to have sex on their wedding night: 59%
Percent who simply plan to sleep: 28%
Number of people in Delaware who think George W Bush should STILL be in office: 2

Number of DE legislators Richard Korn has forced into retirement: 1 (so far).

Brides who don't expect SEX????

Korn ain't doing this alone, Jason, he is a part of large, coordinated effort, don't kid yourself!!
Tell me the secret knock, because I want in.
Supporting him as a candidate, your part of it so far, you do well!
Seriously though, send me a heads up e-mail and I'll give you some background....
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