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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Ya know what I like about being a Democrat...?

...we are tougher and smarter than Republicans.

...better looking as well. And now that I'm thinking about it, we also are more fun to be around.

We enjoy meeting new people and going to places like France and New York City so we have more interesting stories.

Hmm. I'm Republican. I've been to France, Scotland, and Canada. And New York. And I live in DC.

And I have yet to see an attractive Democrat because the majority of you fail to bathe on a regular basis.

It must be lonely having such a dark heart and being such a vicious, judgmental person. I'd really hate to be you.
I resent that remark! I bathe at least once a week and I even put on clean underwear. Of course, that may have to change soon when the cost of power to heat the water goes out of sight thanks to the Republican Energy Policy. Did I say policy? I meant windfall to the energy companies.

You poor thing.

(That was me passing judgement on your comment - incase you were wondering.)
You get your points for the day!

And for all of you who don't get the joke, click here.
The current GQ has an article that says that GOPers are better it has a hundred years of dirty song lyrics, strongly advise a look!!!!!
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