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Monday, March 06, 2006


Ting "flip-flops" on the war

No, not that war...the Vietnam War.

I thought being "against' the Vietnam war was pretty safe. I mean, who even knew that the Vietnam war was back open for debate? Well, it seems that 'Nam is still open to debate if you are running to be Tom Carper's Republican opponent next fall.

So get out your draft card and your matches, and let's take over the "admin" building because it seems that the orthodox Republican position is to be "FOR" the Vietnam war.

NEWARK, Del.(AP)- Shrugging off attacks on his college protests against the Vietnam War, U.S. Senate hopeful Jan Ting won the confidence of Delaware Republican leaders on Friday night.

Ting, a Temple University law professor who worked in the Reagan and first Bush administrations, easily won an informal straw poll among members of the state Republican Committee and state elected officials at the Christiana Hilton. Ting picked up 64 votes, while airline pilot Mike Protack garnered only 16 votes.

Ting told party leaders that he came to regret his anti-war activities as he met Vietnamese refugees and members of his family who escaped Communist China.

For the record, Delawareliberal is STILL against the Vietnam war.


This is a pattern. Ting was for crazy hats before he was against them.
Sixteen people voted for Protack?
I did not make it to cast my vote in this straw poll since I had more important matters like clipping my toe nails. I have to agree with you on this one. Was not the VietNam war proven a total debacle and a waste of countless lives and billions of dollars, and pushed by the same evil bastards that have us doing a three-peat in Iraq? (1. Korea, 2. Nam, 3. Iraq).

If this is how Ting faces opposition or answers for himself I am highly unimpressed. Who in their right mind opposed the war then, but supports it today? This guy is a hollow sell-out and will deservedly have his ass handed to him by Senator Domestic Relations - the squishiest carpetbagging politicsn of all time. How many royal beatings will it take before the Republican Party runs out of Dupont daddy's boys and ass-kissing minority draftee candidates?

For the record and looking forward 2 years, Charlie Copeland is a joke and an overly-ambitious ladder climber who thinks he is some type of salvation in waiting. At least Protack has the balls to take a stand on controversial subjects. Old Charlie, like Ting, is going to play the old kiss-ass and "Gee, I am not sure if I should run" load of dung until we're all forced to accept his country club ass by Dupont water boy Terry Strine. Copeland has not sponsored or passed one significant piece of legislation. His phony PR march for prison reform was nauseating. When will they learn?
I'm glad to know that there are still some republicans courageous enough to be openly against a FUBAR debacle of a war that we lost when I was five years old.
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