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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Spivack Announcement Coverage Outstanding

Joe Rogalsky at The Delaware State New picked up this money quote: “We cannot progress with real reform if we’re represented by someone who has lost touch with us, someone who believes Washington is doing a good job,” (emphasis added.)

Rogalsky also quoted Abby Betts, "“Delaware is a Democratic stronghold, yet year after year we vote to re-elect a Republican who cunningly claims to represent us as a moderate in Washington,”

Hell yes!

I heard WDEL this morning on the way to work and they went with the "Michael Castle is a rubber stamp for the policies of Bush, Delay, Cheney." This is not a word for word quote, but I think Carl Kanefsky picked a great sentence. I'll update today when I get the exact wording which was great.

Patrick Jackson at the News Journal used bullet points to highlight some of Spivack's main points of differentiation.

Among those differences are Castle's support of Bush Programs to:
- Cut Taxes for wealthy citizens
- Cut Benefits for the poor and elderly under Bush's Deficit Reduction Act.
- The "unintelligible" Medicare prescription drug program.

As an "on-line" journalist myself, I would add that in Middletown, Spivack seems just as feisty and scrappy as I remembered him, but more focused and determined. Castle is in trouble.

Update Sussex Coverage:Hilary Corrigan of Coast Press Reporter

Saying that U.S. Rep. Mike Castle has not lived up to his reputation as a moderate Republican, (snip) (Spivack) called the Delaware representative a presidential ally who rubber-stamps right-wing initiatives, including recent tax breaks for the rich and cuts in social programs.

Corrigan also hits something that I think is important, the fact that republican governance is immoral.

…the fact that thousands of Delaware residents have no health insurance is immoral, Spivack said before the event.

However, Corrigan also notes that Spivack is not only fighting the republican party, but he is also fighting what I have described as “the incumbent party”.

Not all democrats support him. When told of Spivack's campaign kick-off, state Sen. George Bunting, D-Bethany Beach, noted Castle's connections to the beach region.

"Rep. Castle's got a long history," Bunting said, pointing to support for area beach replenishment projects. "And he'll get my vote."

The Betts quote just distills the whole Castle story down to one crisp sentence.
Part of the Castle story is that he has never been seriously challenged.

Some good people chipped away at him, but nobody like Spivack with the full backing and support of the party ever landed a punch on him.

This is going to be a different kind of race for Castle.
All I hear is criticism and disagreement and no solutions, now new ideas, unless you count "balancing the federal budget without slashing services" an idea. Do you know what "balancing the federal budget without slashing services" translates to -- BIG TAX INCREASES.

Yup, he's a D. Nancy Pelosi would be proud.
Here is a policy initiative for you. Put the goddamn brakes on this out of control, fucked up administration.

If Spivack could help a new Congress accomplish that we would all be much better off.

But, for the record, he has 0% chance of winning. So invest in China.
Rudy -

First off, easy on the F-bomb. This is a family friendly blog. Now then, I happen to agree with you about the most important policy question being taken up during this election, but I disagree with you on Spivack chances. I give him about a 40% chance depending on how some things break, and I love the "horse race" stuff - so more on that later.

DT -

I focused on the reporting on the announcement. I plan to blog on the policy stuff in the announcement, but don't really want to be the "Spivack for Congress Blog".
Do you know what "balancing the federal budget without slashing services" translates to -- BIG TAX INCREASES.

Well, we already found out what tax cuts without spending cuts translates to. Big tax increases on the rich are in fact warranted, until the Iraq spending stops and the deficits are under control.

But I'll settle for some modest tax increases on the rich instead. If there was a way to increase taxes only on Republicans, I'd do that.
My favorite Spivack quote from the NJ article:

"I think we need to be secure," he said. "But we cannot tolerate people being spied on in our homes by a spurious government."


Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun.
Okay - I winced at that one. Nobody said there were not still some rough edges.
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