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Monday, March 06, 2006


The Media Lost The War In Iraq

Here it comes. You can feel it rolling up on us like an August thunderstorm. Get ready for it....

The war that never should have happened is lost, so let the excuse making begin and let the scapegoat be driven into the wilderness.

Bush understands the big picture, Dr. Rice was right when she said that they have declared war on us, but we hadn't declared war on them. We must win this fight at all costs, I'm a Viet Nam veteran and just look what the aftermath of that war has meant to that country, millions of people died when the communists came to power, the people live under a communist dictatorship. We didn't lose the war, the politicians and the media lost the war, and now, as Reagan used to say, "Here they go again". It's not midnight in America, it's midnight in the rest of the world, and the only light of freedom is America.

Earl J. Foster Jr. California

By refusing to praise Bush and by failing to report that we won every battle (for a battle is won when it is reported to have been won) we have lost the war within the war. We have lost the war FOR the war. And you can't win a war if you lose the war FOR the war.

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