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Monday, March 27, 2006


Market Research

What is the first Delaware blog you read in the morning ?
Delaware Watch
Confusion of Rhodey
Jokers To The Right
Down With Absolutes
Mike's Musings
First Slate
Free polls from

I'm kinda just trying out the poll function thingy - so go ahead and cheat by voting for yourself 20 times if you want.

No shame in my game.
Of course, this is unfair since the name of our blog is incorrect! I mean, imagine if we put up a poll that asked this same question, and one listed was named "The Scourge"?

See what I mean?

I love you. Your buttons are so BIG and so easy to push.
LOL, Scourge. And you chide ME for missing sarcasm??
My bad.
I never wrestled in my life but it is odd how people can get down and dirty and then get up and shake hands.
Something in this exchange gives me warm, fuzzy yahoos about the Jay-Hube feud and the DE-style ability to bury the hatchet etc.....
Something tells me Jase and I could down a few beers and have some good laughs...

... as long as I don't engage in any "emotional blackmail" I should be A-OK, eh? ;-)
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