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Friday, March 03, 2006


It is on! Spivack to Announce March 7th!

Dennis Spivack is running to unseat Fake Moderate Michael Castle.

According to WBOC "Spivack said he decided to run for Congress primarily because of his desire to improve access to health care, influence U.S. policy related to ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops safely home and stop the "out-of-control growth of America's federal deficit.

Spivack, a Wilmington attorney who has been involved in Delaware Democratic politics since 1960, will kick off his campaign in a traditional three-county tour on March 7 "

His campaign material headline reads,
"Reality * Responsibility * Reform".

I like it. During the campaign Spivack will provide voters with a welcome break from:

1) Castle's devotion to out of touch RNC fantasy world thinking,
2) Castle's "Who Me?" - approach to fiscal accountability, and
3) Castle's empty headed, "stay the course" approach to the war.

Having spent a lot of time posting about why every Democrat should vote AGAINST Michael Castle, I now look forward to learning more about the Democrat and posting about why every person in the state should vote FOR Dennis Spivack.

To be sure, Spivack is in for a tough, uphill fight. But for people who care about the direction of the country, this is going to be a fight worth joining.

Well the word is out that Bush is an f-ing retard who has no business being President, but how much of that rubs off on Castle? Not much I'm sad to say.

Castle 58, Spivack 41, Berg 1

You are hurting me. I like Spivack at 41% if the election was tomorrow. Heck, he gets 45% for having his name on the ballot. Even Delaware Dems have to be put off the idea of splitting the ticket by the events of the past 6 years.

Let's see what he's got. Remember, it is an off year. If Spivack can fire up the base, and R's stay home...?
45% for having his name...uhhh yeeeeahhh....right.

I thought "reality" was one of the themes?
What in God's name is Mike Castle going to run on anyway? The state quarters?
Good point.

This is from his web site:
A budget hawk at heart, Castle will continue pushing for fiscal restraint, reducing pork projects, establishing a budget reserve account for emergencies and paying down the national debt.

Spivack should poll better than Donnely and Mike Miller, but at best he'll get 45%.
at best he'll get 45%

Heck, that's enough for a Republican to win an election these days.
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