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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


In Search of the "Liberal" Media Part IV

The Dubai ports deal demonstrates, once again, that the republican party controls the main stream media. While Chuck Schumer is given credit for having the media spotlight turned to Dubai, does that conform to reality? Let's see.

Schumer's early port press conferences were not unlike the countless other Q&A's Democrats have held over the last six years; press conferences that raised serious questions about the policies and competency of the Bush White House, and press conferences that for the most part were completely ignored by Beltway media elites. The only reason the port story broke big was because Republicans turned on the White House.Throughout the Bush presidency there's been a very simple formula for defining what's news -- if Republicans say it's news, than it is. - Huffington Post

From Harriet Miers nomination to the Dubai port deal and now Bush's crumbling job approval ratings The GOP PR machine decides when and how stories will be reported.

I'll give you a quick example. Has anyone heard the results of the Wall Street Journal poll which recently asked:

How do you grade Bush's leadership of the Iraq war so far this year?

Of course you haven't. If the poll was about Clinton's penis - we'd all know the results because Soledad O'Brien would devote 1/2 hour to it every morning - and ABC nightly News would lead the every broadcast with the results for a week. Anyway, here are the results.

A/B - 30%
C - 6%
D/F -64%

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