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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Immigration and the end of the Republican majority

I'm so happy that immigration is going to be the wedge issue that splits up the republican party. Check out this craziness:

Now go to JTTR and read the craziness

I love this gem from NosyNeighbor, "They would have to just conduct raids on the areas where the illegals are known to live (I think we all could name a few places off the tops of our heads.)

Nudge, nudge... I think we all know where to round up the spics and wetbacks? Right?

Here is another doozy from that great thinker G REX:

Here's something nobody's talking about, though: employers should be allowed to pay them less than the minimum wage. Why? Because they're not American citizens, so they're not entitled to the same benefits as we are.

Aye Carumba!
Maybe that company from Dubai could run the guest worker program?
Aye Carumba!

It's actually "Ay, caramba."

When the reconquista occurs, you'd better know proper Spanish, scourge.
Thanks for taking my comment out of context Jason.

I was in no way condoning the action in that particular comment. However, if they are here illegally why should we turn our heads? They're here illegally! The people who will profit off the cheap labor are the one's screaming the loudest for a guest worker program.

Let's talk about the immigration of "specialty" workers - foreigners coming in who hold degress. You've got millions of illegals taking the jobs Americans won't do and then millions of legal immigrants with degrees taking the jobs Americans will do. Let's not forget about outsourcing for the middle income wage earners.

Where are American's supposed to work in the years to come?
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