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Thursday, March 23, 2006


If you really want to WIN in '08 don't nominate Feingold... the kind of idiotic bullshit we'll need to endure from other Democrats in order to win in '08

Here is a typical Kos diary from a Warner supporter.

I'm a liberal and I think Russ Feingold is a great senator and a fine man. He's tough, smart, and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is in love with him right now. But let me tell you one thing that Senator Finegold isn't: electable (as a president). And here's why:

1.) He's a SENATOR, if there's one thing that history has proven, as far a presidential elections go, it's that SENATORS might make very good presidents but it's almost impossible for them to win a presidential election, there's just too much to attack in a voting record.

2.) He's Jewish. How many Jewish Presidents and/or Vice Presidents have there been in the history of the United States? Oh yea, ZERO!

3.) He isn't married. Remember I'm talking about winning a presidential election here. Personally, I think it's disgraceful that the electorate is so superficial, but that's the way it is right now. Try not to let your ideology get in the way of winning. Remember, if you don't win elections you can't accomplish anything.

4.) He has already been defined by Republicans and some of his potential Democratic opponents (in the primary) as a Liberal from the North. Meaning, he could not carry one state in the south against a Republican in the general election.

I truly believe that in order for the Dems to win the '08 election they need to run a Governor (preferably) or a General, and being from the South is a major bonus. Personally, I think that Mark Warner is the ideal candidate. He could carry some states in the South, he has no voting record to distort, and he's a liberal who can pass as a centrist.

What a load of MALARKY !

"Electability" has nothing to do with winning elections. Just look at Bush if you have any doubts about that. Bush was the guy GORE WANTED TO RUN AGAINST. Bush was the retarded looking son of a failure of a President. He was known to have dodged the draft and was a known to have snorted coke.

The election is about marketing and making a case. You don't win by chasing a few southerners - you win by ATTRACTING voters in all 50 states with courage and vision.

I tho0ught of another one last night.

Bill Clinton was the guy Bush I wanted to run against.

He was know to have sex with people other than his wife, he was a governor from a small backward state, and he smoked pot.
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