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Monday, March 20, 2006


Happy IRAQ War Anniversary Day !

Here is a happy part of the Neo-Con legacy, the ratio of the US defense budget to that of the rest of the world is....

...wait for it....

1 to 1

That's right. We are spending as much of the rest of the whole world COMBINED!

I don't know about you, but I feel safer.

hey, if you're gonna do something don't half ass it in my opinion.

The president is from Texas...
The way things are going it is entirely possible they may all attack us at once...
if Cheney starts thinking that - he'll double the defense budget.
And the source for this claim is ...? As reported in this months Harpers.

What's the matter Hube, does this info menace your Bush loving ?

By the way you should pick up the Harpers. Lots of good stuff for fake libertarians.
Gee, thanks for that "specific" link. Good thing you're not writing a term paper, eh?

("Hey prof -- here's the general source -- now go find it!")
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