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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Giving Up The Moral High Ground

One of the many things we have lost under Bush is "the moral high ground" in international relations.

Our actions in Iraq have undone 200 years of bipartisan brand building. BushCo's foolish calculation that we don't need to be "honorable" provided we are "powerful" has cheapened the "American brand" in the eyes of the world and will be paying for it for generations.

China Lashes Back at U.S. Criticism
BEIJING Mar 9, 2006 (AP)— China on Thursday lashed out against U.S. criticism of its human rights record, saying racial discrimination and crime were still rife in the United States and prisoners were being abused at U.S.-run detention centers abroad.

The Chinese have a pre 9-11 mentality.
Actually, I remember China saying stuff like this since the Carter Administration. We criticize them for being murderous totalitarian bastards, and they tell us off about our treatment of prisoners, black Americans, and Native Americans. It's kind of a ritual diplomatic exchange of views.
It's kind of a ritual diplomatic exchange of views.

Once again the line between reality and fantasy is casually moved by the whim of a Delawareliberal reader. What a pliant world you folks live in.

It is endlessly fascinating to me what you people consider "real" and what you consider "fiction" or "fantasy."

Oh, I get it. George Bush is responsible for racial discrimination and crime in the US. Whaaaa...?

Anyone who seriously attempts to equate China's human rights record with the US's needs some help.


I think the Chinese are way out of line to say that we torture people. I mean C'mon China! Don't trust the America hating left wing press....or your own eyes.
What is horrid and scary Hube, is how close we are slinking towards government imperialism akin to the red state.
We aren't there but we should not be heaing that way nor should we be invested in their madness (we being US corporate capital investment).
Nancy: In a nutshell -- utter nonsense.
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