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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Bush Base of the Republican Party

While it is clear to seven in ten people that Bush is a terrible train wreck of a President, he still has some supporters. Who are these 30% of the population? What can they be thinking?

Today's letter to the News Journal gives us some insight into the mind of the Bush base.

It's Clinton's fault that Osama bin Laden is alive

President Bill Clinton allowed Osama bin Laden to live to see 9/11 come to fruition. The blame lays at his feet, not the current president.

Would you rather have a deficit or be under the rule of people like bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? I know what my answer is.

P%^&%* &*%$%, Newark

The name has been omitted to protect the clueless.

I hope the "Bush Base" goes for Frist and creates an irreparable split in the party.
A Republican civil war would, no doubt, be good for the country. I’m not sure which side would cheer for, the relativity clueless wing or the extremely clueless wing.
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