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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Breaking: New Iraq War Strategy From Bush - Cut and Run

Bush: U.S. will succeed in Iraq or troops will leave

CNN- President Bush said today he would "pull our troops out" of Iraq if he didn't think the U.S. strategy would lead to success. His comments came as Bush launches a campaign apparently aimed at reversing opinion polls that suggest American support for the Iraq war is waning.

Don't get me wrong, I'm for it. But I don't trust Bush to do a better job cutting and running than he has done with any other part of this fiasco.

UPDATE: President Bush provides clarification.

U.S. troops to remain in Iraq through the end of his presidency.

REPORTER: Will there come a day, and I’m not asking you when — I’m not asking for a timetable — will there come a day when there will be no more American forces in Iraq?

BUSH: That, of course, is an objective, and that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq.

That way history does not record that he is the Preisdent that LOST the war in Iraq.

I think Bush has a bet with Cheney to see who can pull the lowest approval ratings.
Read Delawarewatch for a related story about the insurgency.
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