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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Breaking: McCain to Win GOP Nomination

I'm watching McCain's SRLC speech on CSPAN right now, and while I once thought that the GOP would implode rather than nominate McCain, I think it is obvious that he is going to win the nomination in a walk.

Here it is:

1) He cut a deal with Rove back in 2000 - so he is the heir to the Rove machine.

2) He's got a plan - keep the Bush lies alive. Be like Bush and don't allow reality to drive events.

3) He's got tons of money, and

4) He's got a message that Republicans are sure to warm up to. The message is: "The Democrats are the real enemy."

I thought hard core wing nuts would never consider McCain, but he used most of his speech to bash Congressional Dems. If he keeps that up the brainless zombies will be easy to win back.

He cracked the code so he is the guy. McCain is going to try win the nomination by holding the fantasy world that Bush built together and by being the new cheerleader for the Neo Con fantasy of American power and our inability to be anything other than good.

Sorry Condi, Fristy and Romney. It is over.

FYI - This one is not satire. It has all clicked into place for McCain and I think McCain (old guy that he is) will win the nomination.
I think he's a strong candidate but by no means a lock. We're an eternity away from the primaries and anything can happen. Clinton was a dark horse until the 60 Minutes interview. Even Bush was discounted by the pundits until he started raising big money.
I don't think he will win. They will bash the crap out of him again just like Bush did in 2000.
I don't accept the theory that McCain would win by being like Bush - not with Bush's approval rating going down the way it is. While I think he is doing his best to pander to the base right now, the 2006 election will ultimatly determine the character of the Republican nomination process.
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