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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Avon's Stupid, Short-Sighted, Republican Executives Offshore Customer Service Ops

Layoffs include 50 in Newark as firm sends work overseas
The News Journal

Avon Products Inc. plans to lay off 600 customer service representatives nationwide, including 50 in Delaware, and send the work overseas, company officials said Thursday.

The cuts will mean 10 percent of Avon's work force of 500 at the wholesale distribution center in Newark will be laid off.

This story is a few days old now, but if I happen to run into an Avon exec in Brew Ha Ha I'm going to ask, "So who do expect to buy your products when the we get rid of the middle class once and for all?"

Twenty years ago the trend to merge and purge began. Ho Hum
The momentum growth of the phenom should now alarm the s++t out of us all.
Job security for the uber-wealthy has had its cycle, time for the pendulum to reverse fortunes here in US of A.
Avon is cutting thousands of jobs so that it's NYC Directers and Executives can keep earning their salaries while putting the people who have really done the work for Avon over the last 10 years out of work.......Avon is out sourcing America to India and China.....
Perhaps if Avon didn't pay some company millions to re-organzie it's company by closing departments and out sourcing ....and putting people in charge of departments they have no experience ...and just promoted the qualified people from within the department already in the organization and fired the incompetitant executives who just spent their time passing the politically correct buck........ Avon would turn higher profits....Perhaps somebody should inform Andrea Jung of Avon that the very people she is are putting out of work is in fact Avon's own customer base....and FYI if their customers can't afford to put food on the table they certianly aren't buying Avon.......Avon is a disgrace to America !
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