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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Around The Horn

It is too nice of a day to read everyone. Here is my readers digest version.

Walmart sucks! delawarewatch

Microsoft sucks! tommywonk

Lower the tolls for us hippies! mahaffie

Snarking on aged hippies! downwithabsolutes

Snarking on geeks! firstlate

Big government sucks! delathought

???????????? JTTR

Gays, not so bad. colossus

Not to mention by reading jason's summary, you avoid the trolls. Emil Shue has been run off of Dana's blog and is now hanging out over with DT. And MikeProtackForSenate is showing up at the Vortex of Evil, where they are currently mocking him for being a perennial candidate (but just wait until they realize they are philosophically on the same side of a lot of issues!).
Whoo...DCBA is the "Vortex of Evil." We must be doing something right.

Jason, can I use those "?????????" as an endorsement?

"??????????????????" - Jason of Delaware Liberal, JttR confounds and perplexes the Left.
Ryan -

Enjoy it in good health.
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