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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


ABC News Poll: Clinton vs. McCain


Everyone likes John McCain a little. Some people REALLY don't like Hillary Clinton, and some people REALLY like her.

These views present challenges for both candidates. Clinton has 16 points more favorability within her own party than McCain has within his; that makes a primary campaign look easier for her. But McCain has more cross-party appeal, he edges out Clinton in favorable ratings among independents by six points and his "strongly" unfavorable ratings among independents are a third of Clinton's. All those would help in a general election campaign — if he got there.

With her high unfavorability, I know many Dems who fear a Clinton run. I'm not a huge Hillary fan right now, but I'm warming up to her. She sure can raise money, and her constituents lover her. Plus, anyone who bugs the bejeesus out of so many republicans must be doing something right.

My current viewpoint can be described as:

1. Prefer any Democrat over Hillary.
2. Prefer Hillary over any Republican.

I too may warm up to Hillary, on the grounds that while I may never like her, I believe she would install a competent team that has the people's interests at heart.
Sentaor Biden was on Imus last week and said that he and McCain have an agreement (how firm?) to campaign together some if they get thier party's nominations in '08. I'd like to see that.
"The National Unity" ticket.

I think you'd see "third" parties on the right and left get real popular real quick.
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