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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


3 UD football players arrested in robbery

Police recover drugs, weapons at players' Newark apartments; fourth suspect also a student
Just a week before spring practice, three University of Delaware football players were arrested in the robbery of a walk-on player of cocaine, marijuana and steroids.

One question, doesn't Delaware have some sort of "boosters" club that is supposed to provide money for drugs? I know that is how they ran things in North Carolina.

The article is full of gems:

From the "victim:"
Hackett said the anabolic steroids he reported stolen were purchased at a gym for his personal use in the off-season...Monday afternoon, Hackett was dismissed from the team and his locker was cleared out..."I have no involvement in it," he said. "I'm the victim. There's no grounds to dismiss me from the team."

The assailants forced him face-down on the floor, and the gunman put the shotgun to the back of his neck, police said. Then they grabbed him and forced him into the closet...."I kind of know the guys, but I wouldn't call them friends," he said.
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