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Monday, February 06, 2006


Why bother with checks and balances?

Conservatives are sure that Bush would never use his newly minted commander-in-chief powers for evil, and that he is pure and good. Maybe they are right. Maybe he is a good and pure person. I have not seen any evidence of that, but I'll play along. I'll imagine that these questions are moot:

Yes or no, is the President using this program to spy on his political enemies?

Yes or no, is the President using this program to spy on the communications of groups critical of White House policy?

Now then, assuming that Bush is as good and pure as Jesus, wouldn't it STILL make sense to ask Alberto Gonzales this question:

" You state that "we are at war" and the President is exercising his wartime powers. Do you interpret the AUMF to be a formal declaration of war by Congress? If not, do you believe the President has the authority to unilaterally declare us to be at war?

Those would have been much more interesting questions had Gonzales been under oath.
If it was a Democratic president, the Contress wouldn't be so quick to forefit its powers. Of course, Democrats wouldn't be so critical if it was a Democratic president expanding his (or her) powers. Welcome to politics, but its still scary that they are letting Bush get away with this the way they are.
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