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Friday, February 03, 2006



I'm warming up to "First Slate" and it is fine blogging like this... that is winning me over.

UPDATE: Okay, it has been a whole day now. What is the deal with Down With Absolutes? Has anyone heard anything?

Hube has a post about it - Mike M. said he is working on it and hopes it will be back up later this evening.
Hey Jason -- you owe me a "car wash"!!! ...GHWBush came (in person!) and conquered!! Wasn't there a comment about me "lying my ass off to the News Journal"!! Ha!
Okay, it's carwash time!!
You've got it. Bush pulled a fast one on me. The car wash or the habitat for humanity donation? I'm happy to do either.
I love you precious. Precious Priscilla, that is. See you at this year's Gridiron?
Since Hube doesn't want it, you can wash Priscilla's car for me. Take some pictures.
For trusting my republican source, I deserve all the humiliation that can be heaped on me.
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