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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The (short lived) Republican Majority

I love this Nancy Pelosi email.

Charlie Cook is the dean of beltway conventional wisdom on Congress - let's look back at how he was talking a year ago...

"Democrats run the risk of becoming perpetual losers, with a self-defeating mentality to match." -- Charlie Cook, National Journal, 1/22/2005

In March Charlie Cook was still unconvinced...

"In looking at the current political playing field, it is hard to see how Democrats can make up much ground in 2006." --Charlie Cook, National Journal, 3/22/2005

Democrats fought against the odds and against relentless Republican majorities in Congress to thwart President Bush and Tom DeLay's special interest priorities. Now look what Charlie Cook is saying...

"In terms of the political climate, every indicator suggests that we could see a tidal wave in favor of the Democrats." -- Charlie Cook, National Journal, 11/19/2005

Stu Rothenberg, another weathervane analyst here inside Washington, agrees...

"At this point, Democratic gains appear to be inevitable." -- Stu Rothenberg, Washington Times, 1/3/2006

And on the issue of ethics, one that the DCCC has been hammering on since last April with their House of Scandal site, Rothernberg says...

"Ethics has become a major threat to the Republicans' control of Capitol Hill." -- Stu Rothenberg, Roll Call, 1/24/2006

And even Republicans are running scared, as noted in a letter to their colleagues from Republican Reps. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), Charlie Bass (R-NH), Paul Ryan (R-WI, and Tom Feeney (R-FL)

"We must realize that the Majority we have worked so hard for is in jeopardy." - Washington Post, 1/30/06

Granted the republican majority is no Tacoma Narrows Bridge, but even republicans are starting to admit that it is beginning to look a bit wobbly.

All indicators are showing that the Democrats will have serious gains in this election. Republicans have dug their own graves, but they have one more session to make policies to get re-elected on. And I still think the Democrats need a platform other than "They're dirtier than we are" to win a majority.
Maybe they'll try the Contract with Al Qaeda.
And I still think the Democrats need a platform other than "They're dirtier than we are" to win a majority.

We do need one, and we have one. It is returning the country to a place of opportunity and prosperity. Leading the world by example, not by force and building strong communities and healthy families.
are you kidding me, Tom Delay took 62% of the vote yesterday, granted he spend several million to get it, but please, Democrats may make some gains in the House and Senate, but there just aren't enough vulnerable seats out there for them...
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