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Friday, February 03, 2006


NEW FEATURE: Ask Dr. Liberal

Here is a question from a reader.

Dear Dr. Liberal,
You know that song, "Big Old Jet Airliner" by the Steve Miller Band? It came on when I was in the car driving with my young children, and we were enjoying it, you know...grooving. Then the line "all that funky shit going down in the city" came around and I SHOCKED! SHOCKED I tell you. They changed it to, "all that funny stuff going down in the city". I told my sons that the song should have said, "funky shit" NOT "funny stuff". Should I write an angry letter to the radio station?

Signed, What the

Thanks for the question freak, it is a good one. Dr. Liberal will operate on it in the comments below.

Dear Freak,

While I'm not a big fan of cussing for the sake of cussing, I think discovering a occasional cuss word in pop songs is one of the simple joys of childhood that today's children are being deprived of.

But - they are being deprived of it by extremists on BOTH sides of the "cussing" issue. On the one side we have puritans who think that if you kids hear the word "shit" they will be scarred for life. On the other side we have people who are so casual about cussing that you are likely to hear hair raising casual cussing in the super market. I am not surprised to hear things like, "Put that f*cking bag of potatoes chips back on the shelf." So, the people who don't believe in moderation are ruining it for everyone.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the letter to the radio station. Yes, you should write them, but write and tell them not to play anymore "Meat Loaf". That would have the biggest upside for society.
Please use the new resource, “Ask Dr Liberal”. There is NO copay!
Silly freak! Just turn off the radio, roll down the window, and listen to the "music" coming from the car next to you. You'll hear all the obscenity you want. Fun for the whole family!

As far as the Steve Miller song goes, anecdotal evidence suggests that everyone who listened to the uncut version in their youth grew up to become Democrats.
"Dr. Liberal?"

You have serious issues, man.

But I like it.
I am at your service. Remember to "Ask Dr. Liberal" when your magic 8 ball is in the shop.
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