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Monday, February 13, 2006


My Question for Mr. Berg

Tonight Marian Peleski and Ellen Lebowitz will interview Michael Berg, the Green Party of DelawareÂ’s candidate for the US House of Representatives on the Progressive Voices program. I sent this email to Dana, but it is my question to all Green Party people everywhere.

Mr. Berg,

Thank you for taking up the fight against George Bush's unspeakably terrible, reckless, and unethical government by running against Michael Castle. Mr. Castle is a cog in a machine that seems dedicated to wrecking this country. I am absolutely convinced that citizen activism, like yours, is the only way to pull this country out of the death spiral that George Bush's policies have initiated.

However, why have you chosen to fight against Bush under the Green Party banner instead of the helping reform the Democratic Party through a primary? The Democratic party is all of the terrible things that the Green Party claims it is, but it is also reformable. With the Democratic Party's infrastructure, a reformed Democratic party that adheres to core principles of peace and economic and social justice would seem to be a much more potent force to fight against George Bush than the Green Party could ever hope to be.

Pragmatically yours,


This country needs to embrace runoffs and a mandate that a win of an office shall be a true, in the event that no clear majority comes from a three or more candidate race, the top two then runoff for the clear winner.
That would solve this and keep the multiparty system intact and then we would not have had JANE BRADY as the terrible AG that she was.

That to me is so much more
American, Jason, than trying to force everyone into the two party polarity that we so desparatly need escape from now.
Nancy we need to embrace a lot of things. In the meantime a third party vote is a wasted vote.

I'm outside of listening range for Dana's program, but I'd still like to know Mr. Berg's answer to my question.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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oh my!!
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