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Monday, February 06, 2006


Just Do It!

Read Dana's excellent Saving the La Grange Farm: An Interview with Nancy Willing" then help the Friends of Historic Glasgow.

...unless of course you want the entire state to look like Kirkwood Highway or the commercial nightmare surrounding Rehoboth.

Thanks for the link and sentiments, Jason.

We can get somewhere with this.

Can you get off of your partisan horse long enough to examine the local corruption between members of county staff, council and developers..yes I mean all of the above not just Mr. and Mrs. Clark.

The main funding for NCC has been the realty percent. That is what kepp gordonbery from raising taxes to pay for services, in fact we have a dearth of infrastructure now that the devlopment is overblown and still coming strong.

There is a Livable Delaware Council chaired by John Carney Lt Gov. where he comes off as an astute realist who suggests time and again that the counties should not continue to advocate growth until/unless they had the infrastructure in place, especially in Sussex. In the 2002 minutes of this council, Carney is one of the two voting against that county's comprehensive plan update because they had gung ho growth and a very troubled infrastructure problem and not relief in sight.

This gave me a lot of appreciation for our Lt. Governor and I look forward to learning more about him.
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