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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


If You Love America - Don't Buy Middle East Oil

Want an easy way to help America's poor stay warm AND stick it to Al Qaida this winter? Buy Citgo gasoline. 

Of the top oil producing countries in the world, only one is a democracy. Only one has a president who was elected on a platform of using his nation's oil revenue to benefit the poor. Only one keeps your gas money in this hemisphere. That country is Venezuela.

The money you pay to Citgo goes primarily to Venezuela - not to Al Qaida by way of Saudi Arabia.

"Citgo is not just another oil company," says Citgo CEO Felix Rodriguez. "With Venezuela's state oil company, of which we are a subsidiary, we share a broad social mission." So buy Citgo gasoline and support democracy in South America. - Via True Majority

Click here to find a Citgo station near you. (Updated: No Personal Info Required)

Props to Delawarewatch where Dana has been all over the Citgo/Richard Korn story.

Here's a CITGO locator that doesn't require you to enter your personal info.
Of course, you're just benefitting one strongman over another by buying Citgo.

Buy Citgo so Chavez can confiscate more of people's land to "redistrubute."
confiscate more of people's land to "redistrubute."

He's building an "ownership society."
you're just benefitting one strongman over another.

I like the strongman who does not fund Islamic jihadists.
A few great ones in here. Short and sweet!
ownership society and jihadist jabs, you go guys.
I don't think I'd put Citgo gas in my car even if it was free. That stuff is crap and not good for your engine. Not to mention the horrible gas mileage . . . America gets 1/5 of our oil supply from the Middle East right? So wherever you buy your gasoline isn't it a safe assumption that you're not funding Islamic Jihadists?
"Buy Citgo so Chavez can confiscate more of people's land to "redistrubute."

I wish it would confiscate it & redistribute it faster. But, no, he had to put in place these mechanisms to make sure that the vast estates are largely idle, not being used for an econimic purpose, before the govt seized them.

But in principle Chavez is right. The needs of hungry people and people consigned to a lifetime of grinding poverty have greater moral claims on society than the "right" of rich oligarchs to own multiple thousands of acres of arable land that is put to no economic use whatsoever.
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