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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Fake Moderate Michael Castle and Delawareliberal Agree: UAE Port Deal Needs Scrutiny

From his comments in today's News Journal, Castle seems to support a bill which will delay the UAE port deal in order to investigate the security implications of handing over port operations to a country which funded and supported the 9/11 hijackers and the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Delaware wingnut-o-sphere speaks, "King George can do no wrong!"

Delathought takes the limp RNC talking point line that this is "no big deal" and quotes a rabid Bush supporter and right wing spam generator:

"...the security will still be under Homeland security at the Container Ports....The UAE is really not buying anything in our ports....Blame Bush for that if you want to, but this deal with the UAE has no real significance either way. It's a big deal about nothing!"

In short, "Nothing to see here folks!. Move along, move along". I don't know about you, but when the RNC is saying something is "no big deal", my first reaction is NOT "Okay, I feel better."

Ryan at JTTR goes a bit further. He sees secret beneficial reasons for turning over port operations to a country that supports terrorists. These reasons are not meant for mortals like us to understand, but King George has special mystical insights, so trust him. "Second, there must be a reason for this. The UAE must have something we want, and I believe it is connected to the War on Terror. This may be a bad political move by the President in terms of popular support, but there may be some deeper policy at work here.

He is right. The "deeper policy" is the White House policy of ignoring real threats in favor of allowing some Bush cronies to jam US currency in their Swiss bank accounts.

UPDATE: The brain trust at Rhodey also holds the view that King George has secret powers that should not concern mere mortals: "Moreover, the UAE company might actually bring added value to the table; it's possible that an Arab company would have special knowledge about securing ports against Islamic terrorists."

I thought that conservatives were supposed to have a built in distrust of government. Silly me.

The ports controversy needs to expose the selling of american assets overseas...especially strategic ones like ports.

Bush and his evil regime show us time and again they are too stupid to giving a baby a loaded gun!
I agree.

There is a sense of this administration being out of control. They had the NASA head who never graduated from college, they shoot people in the face, they torture, they have screw up after screw up, then they just shrug and say, "So what?" to everybody.

It is strange.
It will be interesting to see GWB face significant bipartisan opposition in Congress for the first time. He will reach into his pocket for more political capital and find out he has spent it all. I am a bit apprehensive that his gang will not give up easily.
I can't tell you how sick I am of you parsing my lines, and then attributing them to RNC talking points. Do I do that to you? You're devloving into a nitwit who can do nothing besides cut and paste.

Word is that Bush may be backing away from his position. And if he does, I won't. So I'll then be criticizing Bush, just like I did on another blog when I criticized him for picking NOW to discover he has the power to veto.

Stop pissing me off. And I saw how you stole my tagline.
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