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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Discontent with Fake Moderate Michael Castle Builds

From today's News Journal.

Castle's vote on budget bill betrays moderate reputation

Delaware voters have a tradition of splitting their tickets. Their votes for U.S. Rep. Michael Castle as well as Democratic leaders is typical. The rationale voters give for sending Castle to Congress is that he is a moderate Republican. But is he truly a moderate?

On Feb. 1, the House of Representatives passed a reconciliation budget bill that makes Draconian cuts in Medicaid and student loans, among other things. The bill passed by two votes, one of which was from Castle. If he had voted against the bill, it would have been returned to conference between the House and Senate for additional deliberations.

The reconciliation bill, passed with Castle's support, has been accurately characterized as "reverse Robin Hood" -- taking from the poor to give to the rich.

Castle replied that student loans were a big problem, a rationalization on his part because they do not break the bank. Huge deficits are caused by an unbalanced budget.

Thirteen Republicans from across the country voted against the budget bill. They are the true moderates, not Castle.

Watch Castle's vote on making tax cuts permanent. True conservatives believe in spending within one's means. When an elected official votes for tax cuts when the country has to finance a war and rebuild a major city, that is profligate spending.

The question is: Are Delaware voters well represented by Castle, or are they being shortchanged?

Mary K. Ryan, Frankford

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Castle probably lost my vote by supporting this morally bankrupt budget. I just hope the Dems give me someone worth voting for this time. If not, I'll write you in, Jason ;-).
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