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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Democratic Wave Building

Rothenberg is not an oracle, but he has a track record and the lazy, overfed DC press corps listens to him. So when he says:

Republicans should face the reality that (a wave) will only break one way - toward the Democrats. GOP leaders in Washington are trying to point out the "hypocrisy" of the Democratic attacks on ethics and corruption, but recent history shows that if a wave develops, it will disproportionately hurt one party over the other.

Not only are Republicans likely to lose seats this November, but their chances of defeating a Democratic incumbent or taking over a Democratic open seat are minimal.


...the bottom line is that Republicans should not depend on off-setting losses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Montana with wins elsewhere. Over the last 25 years, when the wave hits, only one party drowns. sets the tone. The DC conventional wisdom firms up around the idea that the Democrats are going to win, so the Democrats end up winning the candidate recruitment and fundraising races.

Here is the whole thing.

UPDATE: Another state legislative pickup for Dems. This one in Texas.

Democrat Donna Howard has won election to the Texas House yesterday to serve the remainder of Republican Todd Baxter's term. Baxter resigned November 1 to became a lobbyist for the Texas Cable and Telecommunications Association. (SHOCKING!)

Another state legislative pickup for Dems. This one in Texas.

So I guess they can all come home from their hideout in Oklahoma now?
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