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Monday, February 13, 2006


Cheney Hunts the Ultimate Prey !

I always knew that those hunts where rich guys pay $250,000 and some homeless guy gets a 20 minute head start on them were real.

Leave it to Cheney to blow it for everyone by shooting the wrong dude.

UPDATE: Anyone notice that the Cheney camp is trying to blame the guy who got shot? Class act, that Cheney. Here is what happened.

"Now, if you read the description provided by Katharine Armstrong, the Bush-Cheney fundraiser on whose 'ranch' this happened, what she seems to describe is this: The birds 'flush'. Cheney picks out a bird and starts following it. In the process he basically wheels around doing a 180. So he's spun around and is now firing backwards relative to the direction he had been facing. And Whittington was just, for whatever reason, where Cheney didn't expect him to be.

First, needless to say, hunting accidents happen. That said, one point that comes through really clearly from everyone is that when you're hunting and you hit a person -- that's your fault. Period. End of story. - VIA TPM

You're thinking of The Most Dangerous Game...
Powder-blackened lawyer: "It's WABBIT season!"
Something is weird about this. I can't put my finger on what it is, but the whole narrative is odd. And reeks of covering for something.
1. A 65-year old man shot a 78-year old man, neither of whom should be handling guns, and both of whom had more important things to do than quail hunting.

2. There was clearly a brief news blackout, just to get the story straight and to find out if the victim was going to pull through And possibly to allow BAC to clear (although I have no reason to think that).

3. Now I expect Cheney to be mocked out of office; his name will become a joke to rival that of Dan Quayle. I always thought the VP would go down eventually because he was evil, not comical. Instead of Darth Vader, we got Elmer Fudd.

4. This wasn't exactly "hunting." Initial reports are that the hunt was one where they release quail downrange by the cage-fuls. This is less than sporting and will only add to the mockery of the VP. Is this also the kind of "hunt" that Scalia goes on?
LOL, the Wikipedia entry for Aaron Burr already notes Cheney is "...the second Vice President to shoot a person while in office."
Wish I could have seen the look on Rove's face when his red phone went off: "Cheney has done WHAT??"
Love the BAC inference..I hope the radio guys pick up on that one...let's have a little fun there...they do it to Teddy K. ad nauseum and that is not a bad theory to explain the time gap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even Fox news guys were saying that something is fishy about the lack of forthrightness...A drive away shooting. A quail in the crosshairs is worth two NOT EVEN in the bush.

That Cheney's friend would "make it" was probably not in question.
Some quote from the guys daughter siad that the victim looked like he had chicken pox.
Even NPR uses BushCo's wording to minimize the fact that a guy got sho tin the face by the VP.
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