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Monday, February 27, 2006


Calling Joe Biden...

Menendez, Clinton Introduce Bill to Ban Foreign Government Control of U.S. Ports

Lautenberg, Boxer and Nelson Join Bill Blocking Dubai Deal

Washington, DC – United States Senators Robert Menendez and Hillary Rodham Clinton, joined by Senators Frank R. Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer and Bill Nelson, today introduced legislation to ban companies owned by foreign governments from controlling operations at U.S. ports. The bill would block the pending sale of U.S. port operations to Dubai Ports World, a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

“In the post-9/11 world, we cannot afford to surrender our port operations to foreign governments,” Clinton said. “Port security is national security and national security is port security. Our legislation will stop foreign governments from managing, controlling, or owning U.S. port operations.”(snip)

"Common sense dictates that in this post-9/11 world, foreign countries should not run our ports or other infrastructure," said Boxer. "The fact that we have to fight for this wise policy is mind boggling."

The bill also requires the president to conduct a study on existing foreign government-owned companies operating in US ports, and make recommendations to the Congress on how to appropriately handle any resulting national security risks within 30 days after the law’s enactment.

I knew things were going bad for Bush, but I just experienced something that jolted even my liberal a**.

I just spoke to a family friend who is a fundamentalist Christian in some sort of Pentecostal church. This woman has very modest means; "working poor" would be a step up for her. She is blissfully free of deep political insights, but she is anti-abortion to the point where she mails single dollar bills to a multitude of pro-life causes. She voted for Bush twice. And she attends a whole church full of people just like her.

Today, she called me and asked me who to write to so she could demand that Bush be impeached. Then she asked me what was the definition of "treason." She told me her whole church and its leadership was debating whether to continue supporting Bush or not.

After I picked up my jaw from hearing that a church's leaders were openly supporting a candidate, I asked her what the issue was. You know what had them all hot and bothered? It was the Dubai ports deal.

I told her her NJ reps were already on it, but it couldn't hurt to write.

It's over for Bush. Stick a fork in him, he's done. And I don't think the GOP candidates will be able to run far enough away from Bush to avoid a blowout in '06.
One more thing... she was disappointed to hear that the UAE was an ally, and therefore turning the ports over to them couldn't possible be defined as 'treason.'
And I don't think the GOP candidates will be able to run far enough away from Bush to avoid a blowout in '06.

Your lips to your family friend's God's ears.
Gee, Hill, do you smell an opportunity to go to the right on security? Keep on triangulating. I'm sure you'll get it right one of these days. Play into people's worst xenophobic fears -- Bush did it for years, and look where it got him.

Hillary Clinton - Professional Panderer.
If I were a Republican I'd be woried about the prospect of a Hilary Cinton Presidential candidacy. I think Rove is using some reverse psychology when he says she would be a weak opponent. He said the same thing about Howard Dean and steered the Dems toward that tomato can, John Kerry.

Clinton is not my first choice, but she would give Romney, or Frist a hell of a fight.
Just in from the internet: the UAE gave a million to the Bush Library....not to mention the 80 some years of financial ties of Bush family to these folks and Neil Silverado Bush's recent vnetures there.

What the GOPers wouldn't do with this kind of data if it was spelled c l i n t o n.
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