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Monday, February 27, 2006


The Best of Delaware Grapevine/Early 2006 Edition

I’m not a big Delaware grapevine fan. I think Celia Cohen’s style of “inside baseball” reporting is a symptom of a distinctly Delawarean disease. I have previously discussed the disease called “onePartyopathy”.

The one party is “The Incumbent Party” and Celia Cohen is that party’s official groupie.

That said, she does have a great sense of the game and her one-liners are often on the money. So here is the best of Delaware Grapevine/early 2006 edition.

From Blue & Gold:

Terry Spence - Republican speaker – BLUE

He wants to win over voters with $250 for their electric bills. Oh, for the days it only took a half-pint of whiskey and a $5 bill.

John Still - Senate Republican minority leader – BLUE

He sends out postcards to try to find Senate candidates. Up next -- bloodhounds and milk cartons.

From "The Early Line”

U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats - Dennis Spivack - Wilmington lawyer
He earns the Democrats' gratitude for going where John Carney and Jack Markell fear to tread.

I think Dennis Spivack is great, but this last item is funny because it is true. Note to Jack: There is still time. You could win.

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