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Friday, February 10, 2006



The Doctor is in.

Dear Dr. Liberal,

Please help. I love my four year old daughter but I think she is turning Republican. When I told her to finish her green beans, she asked, "Why should I?"

I was taken aback momentarily, but being a good liberal, I decided to use reason with her rather than smack her. So I said, "Green beans contain vitamins and minerals that your body uses to grow." She said that green beans helping you grow was just a "theory", and that I should allow other theories into the debate. I asked, "what other theories?" and she said, "the green beans are poison theory for one." I think she has been watching Tucker Carlson or something because she added, "In the end, we simply don't know about green beans, so why should I accept your theory?"


Don't Even Ask About Broccoli

Dear Don't Even,

Your daughter going over to the dark side is a good news/bad news situation. Sadly, she will ask to borrow $35,000 against her future earnings in a few weeks and you will have to contend with that.

On the bright side, she will not have many friends so you don't have worry about her running up the cell phone bills during her teenage years.
After she borrows that 35K, she'll have lots of friends and 49% of her pre-school will elect her class president.
OK Dr. Liberal, please tell jason about the photos published in the NYTimes today.

Too good to be true - GWB, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, and a real live Indian chief ALL IN THE SAME PHOTO. The only way it could have been better is if Abramoff was wearing his black hat in the photo.

Reminds me of the Far Side cartoon where the jungle explorer came across Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and Jackie O. all standing together, but he left the lens cap on while taking the photo.
Was the Indian chief wearing war paint? I have not seen the photo.
Also published in Time.

Note Rove's Hitchcock-ian profile looking on, probably making sure Bush doesn't verbally trip over himself, while Abramoff hangs back surveying his handiwork.

Actually, it COULD have been better if the Indian chief was wearing a full feather headdress.
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