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Friday, February 24, 2006


As a country, we must not go down the road of global ethnic profiling

I think this is what Dana is trying to get at when he says the "Bush is right about the ports."

My point is simple: the world is drifting dangerously toward a widespread religious and sectarian cleavage — the likes of which we have not seen for a long, long time. The only country with the power to stem this toxic trend is America.

People across the world still look to our example of pluralism, which is like no other. If we go Dark Ages, if we go down the road of pitchfork-wielding xenophobes, then the whole world will go Dark Ages.

There is a poison loose today, and America — America at its best — is the only antidote. That's why it is critical that we stand by our principles of free trade and welcome the world to do business in our land, as long as there is no security threat. If we start exporting fear instead of hope, we are going to import everyone else's fears right back. That is not a world you want for your kids. - Thomas Friedman/NY Times

I agree, but I still believe I can object to the controll of US strategic assets by foriegn giovernments without being a "racists".

It is not "arabs" I am concerned about. Nor do I think that the UAE's ruling class is much of a threat. They are the level headed business men that Bush loves so much.

However, Bush has given the less level headed of the world many many reasons to hate and fear us. People who hate and fear us have decided to work out that hatred and fear of the United States through terrorism. These terrorists (like two of the 9/11 hijackers) are culled from places like the UAE's middle and professional class. These middle and professional class terrorists are the very people that will staff the Port of Newark's Dubai administrative operations. These people have access to detailed schedules, blue prints, and passwords.

Given all of that, prudence demands that the UAE ports deals gets significant scrutiny.

Not to mention that the UAE's Westernization is exactly why the Islamists will never stop trying to infiltrate them.
This isn't about not wanting Arabs to run U.S. ports. It's about not wanting companies owned by governments who actively assisted the bin Laden family, refuse to recognize Israel, and possibly helped fund or assist in the 9/11 attacks running our ports.
It is hopefully also a platform to address the overwhelmingly UNDEMOCRATIC notion of full-out globalization and the "ownership society".

Somewhere in between socialism and globalizationism (word?) is where we we need to be.

CSX and other corp merger and acq. get to place pals (Snow) in high places to do just these acts (those who pay into GOPer AND Dem coffers get these "commissions" assured).

Mergers and Acq for example MBNA-BOA give automatic balloon payouts for the top echelon, and resulting dangerous consolidation of power. That leads to a natural monopoly and onto price fixes and other evils counter to free trade..
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