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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


White, Well-Connected Lawyer's Death Sentence Overturned

Knock me over with a feather. Capano slips his head out of the noose (for now).

Attorney's death sentence overturned

Conviction stands for 1996 murder of governor's aide

DOVER, Delaware (AP) -- The Delaware Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned the death sentence of a once well-connected attorney convicted of the 1996 murder of the governor's scheduling secretary.

The sentence was flawed because the jury vote recommending a death sentence for Thomas Capano was not unanimous, the court ruled. The conviction stands, but the high court ordered a new penalty hearing, State Prosecutor Steven Wood said.

The Full Story from CNN

UPDATE: The header should read: White, Well-Connected, Republican Lawyer's Death Sentence Overturned

"Well-connected" indeed. According to Bloomberg. "(Capano) made millions of dollars as a bond lawyer after serving as an aide to former Republican Governor Michael Castle."

I might have to start saying Corrupt, murderousrepublicans.
He is now "broke". Thanks to the gifting laws, he moved his cash around.
I have to say one thing. I know some of the members of the Delaware Supreme Court; a few I know quite well. None of them give a crap who Tom Capano is. They would not have ruled this way unless that was the correct ruling in their unbiased judgment.
jason, you can let go the idea that Capano is being protected by elitists saving one of their own. I think basically everybody wants him dead now.
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