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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


What is that sucking sound?

I know Bush is going to try and talk about how great the economy is in order to trick some people into keeping their money in the stock market. But has reality caught up with the fantasy world thinking that marks this Administration? I think we may soon find out.

I thought I'd bring the benefit of GOP financial management to my household finances. So I took out large cash advances on all my credit cards, and deposited the money in my checking account. Now my finances are strong and growing!

My wife doesn't appreciate the benefits, though. I called her a liberal obstructionist and a traitor to the family, but can you believe it, that didn't seem to change her mind. What a pessimist! She's packing her bags now and muttering something about needing to see a lawyer. Isn't that just like a liberal to sue at the drop of a hat? Clearly we need tort reform now.
Conservatives are always telling us it's OK to give big tax cuts to the rich, because they reinvest the money to grow the economy.

So after the big tax cuts on capital gains and dividends, I'd like to know: What are they doing with the money now?

I'm guessing it's going offshore and into bonds.

The other thing this graph tells us is, with equities flat, the economy is being ENTIRELY propped up by deficit spending.
If Yahoo finance let me start the graph at the beginning of the Bush presidency, it would look even worse.
Yeah, the only reason the numbers are as good as they are is the huge defecit that we have ran up and that the Chinese and Japanese and others are financing. In that regard, it really becomes a national security issue as well, not to mention the fact that there is a continued trend of the rich doing great but the poor not really improving.
More to the point, the graph shows the tax cuts did not produce growth.
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