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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


TONIGHT: Public Invited to Join in Rally in Support of Senate Bill 80

Wednesday, January 18,
at 7:00 pm
Newark Senior Center at 200 White Chapel Road in Newark, Delaware

State Representatives Deborah Hudson and Melanie George Marshall, State Senator Patricia Blevins, NCC Councilwoman Karen Venezky and former NCC Council President Stephanie Hansen are holding a rally in support of Senate Bill 80 on Wednesday, January 18, at 7:00pm at the Newark Senior Center at 200 White Chapel Road in Newark, Delaware.  Representative Hudson and Senator Blevins are sponsors of Senate Bill 80 which prohibits human cloning and authorizes embryonic stem cell research.

 The purpose of the rally is to organize public support for the bill, discuss the current status of the bill and any amendments, and debunk recent misrepresentations by groups in opposition. The rally is open to the public and anyone with an interest in supporting the passage of SB 80 is invited to attend.  Groups which have expressed support for SB 80 and have been invited to participate in the rally include:
 1.    The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
 2.    The Delaware Multiple Sclerosis Society
 3.    A. I. DuPont Institute
 4.    Delaware Autism
 5.    The Alzheimer's Association
 6.    The State Council for Persons with Disabilities
 7.    The American Diabetes Association
 8.    Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
 9.    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
 10.  Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council
For further information, please contact Stephanie Hansen at (302) 376-9033. - From Erine Lehman's "The Progressive Line"

Just an update:
They gutted this legislation and then passed it today. It now says nothing about allowing research.
Thanks for the update.
... but the status quo is that the law is silent on embryonic stem cell research, so it's still legal, right?

Nobody would invest in the research on this basis, though. I suspect Astra Zeneca is behind this and is just waiting for it to be specifically legal so they can proceed without a courtroom fight.

Even if the law is passed, it still wouldn't stop the loonies from lining up and picketing on the shoulder of Concord Pike.
Good assessment, anon. One of the goals of this legislation was to try and attract high-paying jobs and establish Delaware as a haven for biotech. This bill failed to accomplish that.
Astra Zeneca has not shown its hand in this as far as I know, but it is interesting that one of the leaders of the SB 80 opposition derives significant income from Astra Zeneca.
I bet I know where those damn roses came from too... think GOP florists.
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