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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Rothenberg updates prediction: more Dem gains in House

This should not come as news to some of you.

It's not online, but beltway political analyst Stuart Rothenberg has updated his House 2006 predictions:

Democrats still have the potential for major gains (even taking the House), but their current prospects are somewhat lower. As we begin 2006, we are increasing our estimate of likely Democratic gains from 4-6 seats to 5-8 seats, with a bias toward even greater Democratic gains. More competitive GOP open seats would enhance Democrats' chances of taking the House. - Via Daily Kos

As previously noted, the 5-8 seat gain scenario leaves the House in a virtual deadlock that will set the table for a Dem takeover in 2008.

I sure hope the country finds a way to balance-homeostasis of all living things is the key to the good life, including the US of A and it's chosen self rule of Deomocracy.
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