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Monday, January 23, 2006


Republican Redistricting Backfires in Brandywine Hundred

Republican redistricting which concentrated republican votes in one Brandeywine Hunred RD at the expense of two other districts opened the door last year for democrat Diana McWilliams. This year Eric Levin is poised to win in 11th.

At some point I'd like to interview Mr. Levin about this race. In the meantime, someone should ask the republicans to help redistrict Kent County.

Thanks for the comedy. I need a good laugh in the morning. Greg Lavelle had no opponent last election, and the last time he had an opponent, he won 2/3 of the vote with the district drawn exactly as it is today. Bring it on.
Dt, If I make you happy, I am happy.

But for the record, as of last September the 11th had gone from district from 35 percent Democratic, 40 percent Republican and 25 percent others to 36 percent Democratic, 39 percent Republican and 25 percent others.

Now it is more like 38 D / 37 R / 25 I. That is what I call an open door. Personally, I'm more interested in issues than this "inside baseball" stuff. But if R's want to help out D's - I'm all for it.
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