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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


it is not a lie, it is an illness

Don't blame Rick Santorum for this transparent lie:

November Santorum: "The K Street project is purely to make sure we have qualified applicants for positions that are in town. From my perspective, it's a good government thing."

January Santorum: "Well, I don't know what you mean by Senate liaison to the, quote, 'K Street Project.' I'm not aware of any Senate liaison job that I do for the K Street Project."

He has an illness that we will probably be hearing more about as the Abramoff trial moves forward. A.R.A.S which stands for Acute Republican Amnesia Syndrome.

Please say a prayer for Rick's speedy recovery.

Hear that sound?

Right, me neither. Not even the usual GOP apologists are coming out to defend Santorum. Not even one tiny little "Clinton did it too!"

I picture Rick eating alone at a long table in the Senate cafeteria while all the other Senators hang out at the cool table.

You should all visit Santorum's campaign website while it's still around. It's really a trip through the GOP loony bin. I feel sorry for the writers who were tasked with making it all sound sane.

Note that Santorum's website disrespectfully refers to his opponent as "Bobby Casey Jr." (Casey refers to himself as just "Bob Casey" on his website). So I have to praise Casey's writers for admirable restraint in referring to Santorum as "Rick" instead of some other nickname for Richard.
Yeah, he's toast, and I'm glad. But we'll be thrilled to make up for it with Kean and Steele.
Santorum is a monster child produced by the marriage of the religious right and big-business conservatives. His failure is what happens when you follow that juxtaposition to its logical conclusion. His siblings only survive because they have learned to be more circumspect in expressing their true beliefs.
Santorum.......goin' down.
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